Birthday Sale – Waves 50% off

Because I’m 30 today and as such now need to fund the purchase of a pipe, slippers and garden shed I’ve decided to have a sale.

Waves is now 50% off for the next week from this site only.

You get a steam key and everything.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and practice grumbling about the youth of today and how things were better when I was young. Yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Sale – Waves 50% off

  1. Yeah, happy birthday.

    I read on twitter that you’ve only sold a few copies this year. That’s a crying shame, but I can’t help but think never fixing the >60FPS joystick bug in the demo is hurting your conversion ratio.

    That said, I bought 4 copies for friends because the demo didn’t work well for them, so perhaps it actually stimulates sales!

    You also mentioned on twitter that after dropping out of the top 10 new releases/demos on Steam your sales dropped significantly. Perhaps you should consider a sale on Steam too, to gain extra exposure.

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