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16 November, 2011



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Waves is a top-down arena shooter with Neo-Cyberpunk visuals, bullet time game play, a chiptune soundtrack and a "just one more try" addictiveness. It's all about High scores and is a "Pure Arcade Game" - that is to say there is no story or even a pretense of one, the game is about beating your own scores and those of your friends. Waves never ends and prides itself on this fact with achievements for those that counter-stop the game. There are ten enemies, six game modes, and only one gun - but it's the only gun you'll ever need. Waves is designed to take over your life 3 minutes at a time so long as your eyes can take the strain!


Waves started out life as a physics based puzzle game. It was really dull so with the addition of a gun, some enemies and about 6 months of fiddling it got turned into a Hyperkinetic score attack shooter. Waves was made by just one guy in his parents spare room (which is rather sad when you're nearly 30) with a budget of almost nothing. To say that it's sold over 40,000 copies after two year makes it something of a sucess story when you look at it's origins. Waves uses the Unreal Development Kit from Epic Games and is their favourite example of an Unreal game that doesn't look anything like an Unreal game.


  • Frenetic Hyperkinetic Bullet Time Gameplay.
  • Neo-Cyberpunk 3D visuals that respond to the player.
  • Original Chiptune soundtrack by SMILETRON.
  • Dynamically adjusting difficulty keeping you at the peak of your skills.
  • Six Addictive Popcorn game modes. Just One More Go!


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "RockPaperShotgun best use of the Unreal engine" Golden Teabag, December, 2011

Selected Articles

  • "One of the finest examples of the twin-stick arcade shooter genre"
    - John Bedford, Eurogamer
  • "Worth splashing out on it."
    - PC Gamer Feb 2012 Issue,
  • "This is a damn fun arcade action game."
    - Jeff Buckland, Atomic Gamer

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Original Soundtrack
Available on Steam store.steampowered.com.

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Waves Credits

Rob Hale
Pretty much Everything, Squid In A Box Ltd

Souzou Inc
Artist, Freelancer

Music, Freelancer

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