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Brought to you by the developer of the highly successful Waves, Waves² takes everything that made Waves great and multiplies it by a factor of 10. This is a pure shooter through and through. Take up arms against the unending hordes of bugs and viruses determined to take over your system. Experience a challenge only limited by your ability to keep on playing through a combination of procedurally generated environments and thousands upon thousands of enemy units hell bent on destroying everything you stand for. Grab a hold of those twin sticks to pull off big fat combos, skilful swift kills, and cleverly timed burst attacks to survive each onslaught. This is never-ending fun with the ultimate pay-off of a place on that all important high score table.


Waves² is the sequel to 2011's Waves. Currently in Early Access on Steam the game is undergoing rapid monthly updates in an effort to create the best Arena Shooter experience possible. Waves² uses Unreal Engine 4 developed by Epic Games inc.


  • Addictive One More Go Gameplay
  • Neo-Cyberpunk 3D visuals that respond to the player.
  • Dynamically adjusting difficulty keeping you at the peak of your skills.
  • Procedurally Generated Arenas
  • Procedurally Generated GRID Game Mode for Long Play


Early Access - Alpha 01 Trailer YouTube

DevBlog Alpha 01 YouTube


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Waves² Credits

Rob Hale
Pretty much Everything, Squid In A Box Ltd

Charlotte Lowry
Producer, Community Manager

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