Waves at Eurogamer Expo

I am delighted to reveal that Waves will be playable on the show floor of this years Eurogamer Expo as part of the Indiegames arcade. I’m going to be alongside some other excellent games and I’m really looking forward to watching the general public get to grips with the game up close.

Right now I’m working on lots of business type stuff talking to digital distributors and payment processors. I’m also working on a new (official) trailer and a bunch of promotional stuff (maybe some t-shirts).

As I’ve kept saying there will be a demo of Waves before the game is released and it may likely coincide with the EG Expo (Although the full game will be available to play at the Expo while the Demo will just have one of the game modes) so even if you can’t make it to the show you can give the game a try.

I’ll see you at the Expo!

3 thoughts on “Waves at Eurogamer Expo

  1. i came here after seeing it in the eurogamer line up and i saw the trailer and instantly loved it i cant wait to see this game at EG it looks realy good with a geometry wars kind of style

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