About Squid In A Box Ltd

Founded in 2011 Squid In A Box Ltd consists of just 1 person. Rob Hale. Me. Hello!

Squid In A Box exclusively uses the Unreal engine to create Arcade games for PC (and one day maybe Consoles). Their first game Waves was released in November of 2011 using the Unreal Development Kit and was one of the first indie games to be released using it.

Four years later in November of 2015 Waves 2 (also known as Waves²)  was released into Early Access on Steam. Waves 2 was built on the Unreal 4 engine and development continues to this day.

About Rob Hale

1982 was a good year. It was the year of the Compact Disc, Channel 4 and the Commodore 64. It was also the year I was born.

Eighteen years later I start making maps for Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex and a year after that I’m working in the games industry as a Level Designer with the cutting edge Unreal 2 engine on a game that will never see the light of day at a company that no longer exists.

I do everything at Squid In A Box except make the music. It’s a lot of work.