Squid In A Box is an independent videogame developer consisting almost exclusively of 100% freshly squeezed Rob Hale.

Squid In A Box is not made from concentrate and counts as one of your five-a-day and can help weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Rob Hale

Raised on a diet of classic Amiga games Rob Hale has been dreaming of making videogames since he could first play them, having even written a letter to Jim’ll Fix it when he was 8. Eleven years later and that dream came true. Jimmy Saville was in no way involved.

After ten years of being paid to make games for other people he decided to finally take the plunge and make a game for himself. If he’s lucky he might even sell some of them.


Q: Is it really just you?

A: It really is. Except for all the bits that aren’t. I don’t do music and I’m a fairly terrible artist.

Q: So who else is there really?

A: The Music in Waves is currently being provided by SMILETRON who you can find on the wonderful 8-Bit Collective.

Q: No Artists then?

A: All ingame art is done by me using what little ability I do have. The Squid In A Box logo is by the lovely and talented Kim Roberts

Q: Token Comedy Question?

A: Token Comedy Reply.