A Turn Based RPG

If I was good at marketing I would know that I should be building the Squid In A Box brand identity and associating it with a specific genre of game. Squid In A Box would be the developer that makes crazy neon shooters.

It’s probably a good job then that I’m terrible at marketing.

My policy has always been to make the games that I want to play and right now I don’t want to play Waves 2: the Wavening. Nope right now I want to play a turn based RPG with online co-op and procedurally generated dungeons so that’s what I’m making.

With this in mind I have spent the last couple of weeks working on a prototype of such a game. You saw the first stage with the “Blue Fire Dawn” tech demo that had a ball rolling around a procedurally generated maze. Well this has taken it a step further and now there are Space Marines Vs Angry Robots in a turn-based fight to the death.

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