A Release Date!

Waves will not be released in October. Sorry.

It will however be getting released on November 16th. That’s an exact date right there. Put it in your diaries.

The reasons for this are many but I’ll give you the 3 big ones:

Battlefield 3 (In the UK at least), Modern Warfare 3, and Skyrim.

I won’t be playing any of them (well maybe Skyrim) but it’s simply a matter of publicity and the fact that when expensive high profile games come out nobody buys or writes about indie games.

Now this sucks because as my followers will know I’m basically broke now. I’m running on fumes in terms of savings and it is only thanks to my lovely girlfriend and some very understanding parents that I’ve been able to keep going as long as I have. I would love to release this weekend if I didn’t think that releasing now would be worse than releasing after all the big hitters have been and gone.

The other benefit of this delay is that it will let me poke various press people into action so they can play the finished version of the game rather than a beta for their reviewing. I will also be able to put together a launch trailer which is something I just wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. Post in the comments any ideas for the trailer because if I’m honest I’m a bit rubbish at them.

So remember: November 16th. It’s not a Wednesday it’s Wavesday. Aha. See what I did there? Gosh I’m funny.

The Highscore Videos

They have started!

This demo run of 7,742,184 by mr DjParagon is so far the highest score I’ve heard of and beats my personal best by about 2million. If you want to know how to score big in the demo then give it a watch and probably a frame by frame study…

Demo Feedback, Issues and What Happens Next

Hello lovely people!

Thankyou for trying the Waves demo (You have tried it right? If not go here and do so then come back).

The demo has been available for a little over 24 hours now and the feedback so far has been great.

However the Demo has had some issues (one of which I fixed last night as you may see in the post below this one).

If you are having issues then first try the following steps:

  1. Run the game as administrator. If this solves your problem then let me know in the comments.
  2. Reboot the computer. Yes I know it sounds obvious but it does solve most problems.
  3. Install the latest video drivers.
  4. Redownload the demo, uninstall it and then reinstall it. Sometimes files get corrupt during download or during the install. It’s unlikely but it can happen.

If you still have trouble then you may be suffering from one of the following issues that I hopefully will have fixed later tonight.

If you were having problems with the demo on Windows XP then I urge you to uninstall the game, download the latest version and install it again. All the problems with Windows XP should now be fixed. I am however sorry to say that without making the installer about 200meg larger you will still have to sit through the .NET install process. You can thank Microsoft for this.

  • Crashing on Startup – If you are on Windows XP then you need .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 try installing this and see if it fixes it.

In terms of low-framerate issues then I can only recommend that you go into the video settings and turn off Distortion, Ambient Occlusion and Bloom and reduce the resolution. It won’t look as pretty but if you are struggling to hit 30fps this should help. If you turn all of these off and you still have problems then I’m sorry but your graphics card just isn’t powerful enough to run the game properly and there is nothing I can do about that.

For the record I developed the game on a Geforce GTS250 and it runs at 60fps with no problem with everything on. It runs at 30fps on my laptop with an ATI 5470 which if you look at this chart is actually pretty rubbish. Anything better than the 5470 shouldn’t be having any problems at all.

I hope everybody is enjoying the demo and if you are having any issues that I’ve not covered here then let me know in the comments. Part of the reason for the demo release is to find these problems so I can make sure they don’t happen in the full game so thankyou for your patience if you are having issues.

Of course if you aren’t having issues and want to tell me how great everything is then you can comment too 😉

Demo Updated

Just a quick note that the Demo has been updated to fix a bug in the installer that meant you had to run it with administrator rights. If you’ve been having problems getting the demo to run then you should download the updated version from here and reinstall it.

Let me know in the comments if there are any problems or if it fixed any problems you were having.