Update 0.53 Patch Notes – 18 April 2018

These changes should be live right now!

Reputation & File Lockers

Reputation is the currency of the GRID. Without it you’re nobody. You need it to get access to new software, create proxies and heal brain damage; it’s also good for bragging rights too.

You can gain Rep by taking over networks, completing objectives and releasing files you’ve liberated to the public.

You can find files in File Lockers. Each one must be broken open revealing the vulnerable file; you can now download a copy of the file to your local system. Be on your toes though as the network security don’t take kindly to strangers downloading things without permission – you’ll have to defend yourself.

Downloaded files can be found in your File Manager after a Run where they can be uploaded and cashed in for Reputation.


There is a Squid In A Box <a href=https://discord.gg/b4uYczM>Discord</a> now for anybody who wants to hang out and talk about the game with other players and the Developer (me!)

Patch Notes

– General
● Improved Game Thread performance.
● Pickups will no longer timeout during travel.

– Arcade Mode
● “Tiny Cube” is now in all game modes.

– GRID Mode
● Starting a new game provides a choicee of 2 Avatars with unique skins and loadouts.
● Files can be downloaded from File Lockers which can be found in all systems.
● Downloaded Files can be “Uploaded” using the File Manager to earn Rep.
● Rep is rewarded for completing objectives and controlling systems.
● Rep can be spent in the GRID Loadout Editor to unlock items (temporary).
● GRID Leaderboards now track Reputation.

– UI
● All settings screens redesigned.
● GRID Networks are now displayed vertically to save room.
● GRID Game Manager Screen redesigned.
● GRID New Game Screen redesigned.