Squid In A Box Unleashes WAVES Demo

It’s here at last. The demo I’ve been promising for… well nearly forever it seems.

For the impatient you can click HERE to download the demo now.

Press release below the cut…


Having conquered the 2011 Eurogamer Expo, establishing his indie credentials in no uncertain terms with the help of Ellie Gibson and John Teti, Squid In A Box developer Rob Hale has finally released the demo of the supremely addictive WAVES.

How addictive?  Just ask the chap from Hello Games, creators of Joe Danger, who kept popping over from his neighbouring stand at the Expo to play WAVES every time he had a spare moment.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Rob remembers him well…

“He kept coming back to try and beat his high score.  It almost reached the point where I was going to have to apologise to Hello Games for keeping one of their employees from demoing their game.”

He was far from the only fan, as Rob’s Indie Arcade demo stand was mobbed…

“What surprised me was how many people kept coming back” Rob admits.  “One go was never enough.  I’d see people returning all the time to try and beat their scores, or just to make sure they were still top of the scoreboard.”

Now the rest of the world gets a chance to see what all the well-deserved fuss is about.  Here are the details:

What Is The WAVES Demo?

Crunch Time – 3 frenetic minutes of infinite life-munching, hard core action

What Do I Need To Play WAVES?

A PC (2GHz Processor, 2GB memory, Shader Model 3 Compatible graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or better) and time.  Lots and lots of time.

Where Do I Get It?

You can get it from here.

What does it look like?

It looks a bit like this trailer:

What About The Full Game?

The full game of WAVES (coming very soon indeed) will contain:

  • 5 Game Modes (including Crunch Time)
  • Online Scoreboards for folks with Steam accounts
  • Achievements, again for those with Steam accounts
  • Exclusive music from the enigmatic genius that is SMILETRON (http://www.smiletron.org/)
  • Squid says “No DRM!”  Squid hates DRM; Devilish Rabbit Munchers
  • An automatic place in the new government when Squid comes out of his box to lead the revolution, with your own banker to treat as you will

WAVES will be available from SquidInABox.com and on Steam for $9.99 in the very near future.

Squid says “Watch this space.”  Squid likes space; he has friends there.

7 thoughts on “Squid In A Box Unleashes WAVES Demo

  1. I just wanted to thank you for this game. You have filled a void in my heart that was left behind when Bizarre Creations was killed and all of my hopes for a Geometry Wars 3 went out the window.

    I’ve spent a solid couple of hours with this and it feels just about perfect. I can’t wait to see the other modes and to give you my money over Steam.

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