Because We May (So I did)

You may have heard of Because We May by now but if not I shall explain what’s going on…

For the last week of May a whole bunch of independent game devs are celebrating the fact that we can do whatever the hell we want when it comes to pricing our games rather than having retail partners or big portals forcing us to charge certain prices and potentially screwing us over as a result. This means there are a whole bunch of awesome games on sale at reduced (and in a few case inflated) prices just because.

tl;dr Waves is 70% off when bought direct from here: link

Now because I’m super nice (and because I’ve got permission now) the iconic track from Waves (y’know the one in all the trailers) is now available to download for free.

Disco Just Won’t Cut it This Time by SMILETRON

That is all. Now I’m off to play outside in the sun. Or more likely sit inside grumbling about how hot it is.


4 thoughts on “Because We May (So I did)

  1. Thank you very much for the work you do. In the last couple years I’ve been predominately buying indie games and currently my Steam library consists of more indie than big dev games. I’m always excited when new packs come out (humble bundle, indieroyale, etc) since it means I can get a few games for a good price (not TOO good so as to cheap devs out of the well earned coin) and help out EFF, Childs Play and other charitables. The Because We May sale increased my library substantially…

    tl;dr Thanks for video games and not being a dink about pricing them!

  2. Did the soundtrack thing just go up in smoke? Didn’t you write in one of the early blogs that Smiletron was mastering it for a soundtrack album? I love the soundtrack and I love the game and I’m a big Smiletron fan, so I’m just curios as to what happened to the soundtrack…

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