Waves: Arena Tactics

Announcing the next game in the Waves series: Arena Tactics!

Waves: Arena Tactics is the follow-up to Waves. It’s taking the arcade action of the original and pairing it with more of everything.

Arena Tactics is about playing your way. There is a slew of new weapons and abilities that can be unlocked to customise your loadout as well as lots of new Arenas to fight in.

Waves: Arena Tactics also supports online multiplayer both competitive and co-operative for up to 4 players.

Due for release in 2014 the game is being made using the Unreal Development Kit by Epic Games (http://www.UDK.com).

13 thoughts on “Waves: Arena Tactics

  1. A quick glance at the Wikipedia entry, it looks like UE does run on Linux. Have you considered a Linux release for Waves and W:AT?

    I just built a dedicated Linux machine, and would love to be able to revisit Waves.

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  3. Noooo! I hope this is still in development! I love waves and I hope this new one ends up coming out! I really want to play with my friends on this! Looks so cool!

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