Biscuit Fuelled

Last week I applied for a development grant from the lovely people at and was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a Biscuit.

Today that Biscuit arrived.

I must say that on seeing Quinns child like scrawl on the envelope I was overcome with joy. At last! Funding!


It turns out I was extra lucky and had been sent not one but TWO biscuits. This is a special day indeed.

This was not all however. The Royal Mail; being the thoughtful and loving organisation they are; had recognised that this was a package destined for a games developer and had joined in by turning the biscuits themselves into a game. A Puzzle game.


Biscuit in hand I set to work. But how much work can two biscuits really fund? On a good weekend I can easily nom my way through an entire packet of Bourbons without thinking (plus copious cups of tea). Could 2 Ginger Nuts really make a dent in my immense todo list?

I picked something that I thought I could get done in the time it would take to eat two biscuits (which can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 minutes as it turns out) and set to work implementing a new enemy: The Bouncer.

The Bouncer is a very very simple enemy that moves in a straight line until it hits the wall or another Bouncer. It then bounces off and carries on going. This should be a two biscuit job easily if I don’t make any new art.

One biscuit down and I have the Bouncer moving in the game. Although not in the right direction and it keeps getting stuck on the wall.

Taking my time with biscuit number two and about half way through I have the Bouncer moving the right way and bouncing off walls. It’s serviceable at this point so I move on to tweaking it to make it actually any good.

The Biscuits are gone.


But I have finished! The Bouncer bounces and is rather fiendish. Being 100% predictable it manages to get in your way quite often and has made wall hugging just that little bit less viable. Especially since it seems to develop a tendency to eventually start rolling around the edge of the arena; I’ll have to try and fix that at some point when I have more Biscuits.

While I know that a screenshot isn’t going to do this much justice I present to you… THE BOUNCER!


It’s the purple one.

Send more biscuits. Hobnobs preferred.

4 thoughts on “Biscuit Fuelled

  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea, reward one’s self with biscuits for completing tasks! I must add this to my list of procrastination prevention points πŸ˜€

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  3. This game is just sooo awesome.
    All the great changes you made since the beginning, thats just awesome!
    When do you think this game is ready for release?
    And for what platforms? I’d looooove to see it on pc… as I dont own anything else πŸ˜›
    Btw: funny how you used the Unreal Tournament sounds in the beginning πŸ˜‰ Not sure if you still do that now.

    I don’t know if i get email notification about a reply, if not, please contact me when you reply πŸ˜‰
    I cant wait to see this game be released!

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