The Evolution of an Idea

Back in November ’09 I started messing around with UDK one weekend. What I ended up with at the end of it was a short video of a tiny level that hinted at a physics based puzzle game.

8 months later that game has evolved into Waves.

Below is every video of the game since that first weekend until the most recent video of the May build. Waves has evolved rather than been designed with each new major addition being an experiment or the result of learning some new skill. I never set out to make an Arena shooter but somehow I ended up with one.

More videos beneath the cut…


3 thoughts on “The Evolution of an Idea

  1. Brilliant work! Looking forward to seeing more progress on Waves and your future projects!

    Thanks a lot for providing these progress videos, fascinating stuff! I worked on a similar project and it’s interesting to see the similarities and evolution of the gameplay/graphics.

    Keep up the great work and all the best to you!

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