The Highscore Videos

They have started!

This demo run of 7,742,184 by mr DjParagon is so far the highest score I’ve heard of and beats my personal best by about 2million. If you want to know how to score big in the demo then give it a watch and probably a frame by frame study…

35 thoughts on “The Highscore Videos

  1. “Waves demo gameplay” video have reached 500 views today, thanks guys, and again thanks a lot Rob for featuring it on your site, that’s very cool !

    Anyway, still trying to get to the 30 million cap, but that’s a seriously hard one to strike…

    Can’t wait for the release ^^

  2. Over 1000 views reaches today ! Thanks for the support guys !

    Waves has been released, and I’m sure I will have lot of troubles to stay in the leaderboards from now.

    Have fun in the game guys !

  3. 5000 views reached today on my gameplay video, thanks everyone ! That’s so cool !

    I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and I wish you guys a merry Christmas. Waves your body ! ;p

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