Waves at EG Expo

Subtitle: My Feet Really Hurt

So I’m back home after two days at the Expo. Waves is still there but sadly as it costs a fortune to either stay in London or commute and I am nearly broke I won’t be around to tell people how to play.

First a picture of a complete stranger playing the game:

So if you are planning on playing Waves at the Expo then forewarned is forearmed as they say.

Note: All of this info is actually available in the games How To Play and Controls section but it seems Expo visitors have an aversion to these things.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move around. Mouse to Aim and shoot.

(It’s surprising just how many people only ever used the mouse and didn’t think you could move at all despite the controls being printed out right next to the machine)

Right mouse button activates slowmo. Points are doubled in Slowmo. Slowmo is pretty awesome. It recharges over time.

Space bar drops a bomb.

Now a few words about bombs… Bombs are the feature that nobody figures out on their own at the Expo. This is partly because nobody reads the manual and partly because nobody wears the headphones (wear the headphones!). I can’t blame anybody for either of these things as I did exactly the same thing to the games I got to play. However if you do wear the headphones then you will hear a voice telling you when a Bomb is ready to be dropped (It says “Bomb ready” in a charming robot lady voice) it also beeps incessantly, turns the ball red instead of blue and makes the Combo meter shake violently.

The short version though is “When you turn red press space for a bomb” – bombs are pretty awesome as they build your combo up with kills, get you points and more than likely will get you another bomb that you can use right away to keep the combo alive.

On the note of combos: Kill things very quickly to get the combo up. Points scored during a combo are multiplied by the combo size when it ends so try and keep a combo going as long as you can. When you get a 10X combo then you get a bomb. It’s a similar system to Batman Arkham Asylums combos.

That should be enough to get you going at the Expo.

I’m going to start working on a demo build on Monday that will have the Crunch Time mode playable and that should hopefully be available to download soon.

First though I’m going to sleep. All weekend.

7 thoughts on “Waves at EG Expo

  1. Early in his career didn’t Picasso have to burn his canvasses to stay warm?
    Anyway it must be really satisfying to see people discover and enjoy a game you’ve made so congrats on the Expo experience 🙂
    The more I see about Waves the more I want to play it so all this talk of a demo is really rather tantalising.
    Anyway hope yopu have a relaxing weekend and kep up the good work,

  2. i was on of the lucky ones to play the game at the expo today and i loved it because its been a while since i played a good two stick shooter and this one was amazing i really wanna see a demo soon so i can play around with the game for longer. thanks for bringing it to eurogamer i loved it 😀

  3. I managed to bust out a 12 Million + score on the survival mode at the expo today, as far as I’m concerned this was the game of the show, so slick mate. Can’t wait to get my hands on it again!

  4. So I played the shit out of this at EG and I made an accident in my pants. Day one purchase, get it on steam and I’ll preorder it for tf2 hats. (Even if it doesn’t include a hat I will preorder it)

  5. +–JAK–+ spent about 4 hours playing it…so its understandable!

    I got 5 minutes with this game before they kicked everyone out on saturday, absolutely beautiful!

    I will be preordering this, maybe even gift it to friends!

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