That’s right! It’s available for purchase right now!

To celebrate there will be 15% off for a week making the price a lovely $8.50 (ish) rather than $10 so take advantage and tell all your friends. You could use that extra $1.50 to buy some Fizzy Pop.

Now due to the nature of Time zones and the fact that only big name games with huge publishers get midnight releases locked to timezone the game will not be out everywhere all at once.

You can buy the game right now from this very website even if it isn’t actually November 16th yet where you are.

Next up will be GamersGate which should be available sometime around 10am GMT (It may be later or earlier I don’t have an exact time).

Then we have Steam which should be available around 6pm GMT.

Now not to worry because wherever you buy the game from you will get a code that you can put into Steam and it will work right away even if the Store page isn’t up yet on Steam.

If you have any issues then email me or post a comment.

If you feel the need to start tweeting your highscores then kindly use the #WavesScores hashtag and for everything else use #WavesGame.

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