Waves Update Preview

As mentioned before I’m working on a content update for Waves which will add a new game mode and a big bag of achievements for Steam. So here is a preview video of the new game mode: CHASE

Chase is simple:
10: Touch a Red Pad and get 5 seconds on the clock. A new pad will appear somewhere on screen;
20: Touch the new pad within 5 seconds or lose a life;
30: Goto 10;

That’s it. I’ve nicknamed it “The Speed Metal of Shooters” because your first game will probably be very short lived. So far the beta testers have been very positive about it and this mode may need to carry a health warning for those with a weak heart.

There are also just under 30 new achievements coming most of which have been suggested by the community and some of which are my own devious creations.

Hopefully the update will be done before the 22nd. If it isn’t then it won’t appear until the second week of January as I’ll be away for the holidays.


4 thoughts on “Waves Update Preview

  1. Looks awesome! I love the bombing run mode that’s there now and this new mode seems like a nice mix between that and crunch time, should be fun and I’m looking forward to it.

    Thanks for creating such a great game BTW.

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  3. I am suddenly feeling slightly smug, and at the same time, quite thankful. I shall savour the moment I collect GET TO THE CHOPPA as that was one of mine 😀

  4. I purchased this game last night from Steam, after reading about it on Rock, Paper, Shotgun… It’s an amazing game.

    Slowly I will convince my entire friends list to buy the damn thing, not only because it’s fun, but because I will then be able to feed off of their tears when they must take on my chase mode high score.

    Thanks for making an awesome game.

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