Waves Updated – New Game Mode & Achievements

This is a quick post to say that Waves has been updated with the new Chase game mode on Steam as well as 28 new achievements.

Those of you who are not using the Steam version will have to a wait a little bit because updating the old fashioned way is much trickier and Unreal has revealed that not everything is as straightforward as I’d like it to be. If you are using the non-steam version of Waves and want the update then my advice right now is to send me an email to rob [at] squidinabox [dot] com with the subject “Non-Steam Waves Update” and your order number. I’ll try and sort you out asap.

3 thoughts on “Waves Updated – New Game Mode & Achievements

  1. dunno if this have been asked before (probably yes), also checked waves steam forums but found nothing, there is support for standard usb gamepad? -not xbox360 ones-, I have the game on steam and my gamepad isn’t working, dunno if its my fault or something else

    sorry, if this been asked before 🙂

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